Notes from clients

"I met Amber randomly while out with friends one afternoon. She mentioned she was a wedding planner which was serendipitous because my friends and I were out actually attempting to figure out the first couple steps in planning my own wedding. How perfect! I gave her a call when I was able to figure out my budget and she completely worked with me. My situation was a little different in that I had a day of coordinator but just needed someone to help me figure out wedding resources, come up with ideas, create a budget and resource vendors in that budget (I'm the type of person that doesn't even know what I like with decor, flowers, etc). She was fantastic. Always responsive and always considerate of our situation. It was the best feeling going into the day of and knowing that I had everything completely prepared with Amber's help. I would highly recommend her. And luckily, I got a friend out of it!"

Illie A.

"We had our wedding at the Avery Ranch Golf Course. Our original coordinator was unable to help at our wedding due to a family emergency so Amber stepped in at the last minute. She was kind and very knowledgeable. Immediately following the wedding she had a glass of ice water for us and it was exactly what we needed/wanted. She also guarded us during dinner to ensure we ate peacefully. She kept us on schedule and took over many responsibilities to allow us and our families to enjoy yourself on our wedding day. She helped make our night special and memorable. We would definitely recommend her services. Thanks Amber!"

Carolyn and Juan

"Amber is amazing, she helped our day be absolutely fantastic - so much that my groom and I didn't mind being rained out of our ceremony location one bit! I have already recommended her to a friend and will continue to spread the word to any brides to be I know!


Mina C.

"Amber did a fantastic job as our day of coordinator at our wedding, and the day honestly wouldn't have gone off without her. From our first meeting she was already helping me make quick decisions on tasks that were causing me way too much stress, and by the wedding day she took care of anything that we asked her to. She was incredibly patient with me during my inevitable bridal freak out moments and immediately fixed the issues (caused by other vendors). She took care of business and things were much more effortless because of her. My family raved about her afterward as well, they said she was fantastic at delegating to them about the break down of the wedding. I even adored that she took a minute to dance and celebrate with us on our best day! She'll treat you like she would treat her own family, and you will not be disappointed with her talent!"

Erika T.

"Amber did a wonderful job as my coordinator. Our wedding took place in Georgetown, TX in November. My husband and I had been trying to plan our wedding for a little over a year. Before Amber I was completely in over my head with wedding details! Luckily she helped walk me through each of the major and smaller steps. Even giving some of her own ideas. 

The day of went absolutely perfect! I honestly didn't think things would go as smoothly as they did. Amber was so helpful with decor and making sure I had everything I needed, she even brought me lunch! Everything went according to schedule. The reception went smoothly. I'm still getting compliments on our big day! 

Very professional and sweet lady. I'm recommending her to all of my brides to be."

Teresa C.

"Working with Amber was awesome! If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have had my flowers when walking down the isle. My dress would have been a muddy mess and my guest would have been freezing for hours. Amber saved the day with her knowledge and expertise and I couldn't have asked for a better Day of Coordinator!"

Katie C.

"Amber's help with my wedding was one of the best choices I made in the whole process. Many brides enter their planning with a DIY mindset, as I originally had, but the amount of stress that was alleviated with Amber's creativity and organization was priceless. Her experience and ideas made overwhelming decisions very easy. Every time I met with Amber I felt so relieved and excited as we worked together. On the day of the wedding I was nervous about timing and everything going as planned. Amber kept me so calm and focused on enjoying my day while she kept everything on schedule, the wedding party and vendors on the same page and the guests focused on fun! I must add having her do my makeup as well was impressive to watch considering everything she was handling while making me look more beautiful than I have ever felt. Amber provided so many personal touches that were unexpected and highly appreciated including bringing my husband and I glasses of water after we walked down the aisle post ceremony and an incredibly touching gift weeks after our wedding. I can't praise Amber's wedding coordinating enough, and I recommend her to everyone that shares engagement news!"

Anne M.